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Business and the State: Migration Policies, Diversity and Integration

Business and the State: Migration Policies, Diversity and integration

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Watch the videos of General Bostick and Senator Jesus "Chuy" Garcia's speeches.

This conference is organised as part of the "Migrations & Employers" program of the Centre for Migrations and Citizenship, which was launched in September 2010. This program seeks to identify the expectations of French and European employers towards national and EU migration policies: could employers be involved in the definition of national migration policies? And what would migration policies look like if they tended to the expectations of employers?

The conference is organised in partnership with the Embassy of the United States in Paris, France. Speakers will present in English. No translation services will be provided.


Migration policies impact the economic sector: they shape the numbers and profile of foreigners entering a national economic market, their reception conditions, and they influence the needs and nature of an adequate diversity strategy. But the impact of economic actors on the making of migration policies is less certain:

What role can and do economic actors play in the elaboration of migration policies?

This question is at the core of this international conference, which examines what could be learned from a country, the United States, whose migration and integration policies strongly differ from those of France.

Former State Senator and now Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia will address the role that economic actors can play in the making of migration policies.

At the other end of the migration process, 3-star U.S. Army General Bostick will share with us his insight on the diversity recruitment strategies of one of the nation"s largest recruiters, whose policies in terms of diversity have often been groundbreaking.


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