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Migrants en Grèce
Migrants en Grèce

Citizens Facing the Crisis. Challenges and Opportunities for European Cities

Citizens’ participation seems to be challenged by a decade of severe economic and financial crisis while nationalistic and xenophobic divisions are tearing Europeans apart. On the other hand, innovations and new forms of civic participation seem also to emerge and the “refugee crisis” has mobilized thousands of citizens all around Europe. Does this mean that new forms of citizenship are arising from this complex context? How can European cities support civil societies for better inclusion and participation?  

In order to address these questions, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the French Institute of International Relations organize a conference in Lisbon which brings together key representatives from 6 multicultural cities in Europe – Amsterdam, Athens, Birmingham, Budapest, Lisbon and Paris – for a discussion about the various ways civil society and city representatives have addressed the challenges of citizenship in Europe today. 


Joao Afonso, Deputy Mayor for Social Rights, City of Lisbon - Paulette Hamilton, Councillor and Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care, City of Birmingham - Gergely Karacsony, Mayor of Züglo-Budapest - Simone Kukenheim, Deputy Mayor for Education, Youth and Diversity, City of Amsterdam - Maria Stratigaki, Deputy Mayor for Social Solidarity, Welfare and Equality, City of Athens - Pauline Veron, Deputy Mayor for Local Democracy, Citizen Participation, Civil Society Organisations, Youth and Employment, City of Paris - Isabel Mota, Administrator, Calouste Gulbenkian - Christophe Bertossi, Director of the Centre for Migration and Citizenship, Ifri - Luca Laszlo, Expert on informal movements, Foundation for the Development of Democratic Rights, Budapest - Jan Willem Duyvendak, Distinguished Research Professor in Sociology at the University of Amsterdam.

This conference is organised as part of the “Making of Citizenship” project by the French institute of international relations (Ifri) and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, in partnership with the French network of institutes of advanced study, the University of Warwick and the University of Amsterdam, and with the support of the “Europe for Citizens” programme of the European Union.

Conference in English and Portuguese with simultaneous translation.

The conference is taking place in Lisbon. For the full agenda and registration, please visit the Gulbenkian Foundation Website. The conference will be livestreamed in English on this Website.




Foundation Calouste Gulbenkian - Amphitheatre 3 Av. Berna 45A, 1067-001 Lisbon, Portugal
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Pour plus d'informations sur le débat, veuillez contacter migrations@ifri.org

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