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Energy in Europe: how to go over slogans?

L'énergie en Europe : comment dépasser les slogans ?

A luncheon debate with Cécile MAISONNEUVE, Director of the Centre for Energy, Ifri.

"Energy transition", "European community of energy", "EnergieWende": France, Germany, the UK, Poland... place energy issues at the first rank of their priorities. The EU dedicates many reflections to it. The results are though poor: coal is back; the large companies of the electricity sector are concerned about the lack of visibility of the European situation; industry denounces excessive costs and is looking towards the USA, that are strenghthening their competitiveness, their energy security, and even reduce their CO2 emissions. Facing competition with its great partner, can Europe go back to reality, or it will fail its three objectives: security, sustainability and competitiveness of its energy system?

Chair: Dominique DAVID, Executive Director, Ifri


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