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Ethiopia under pressure, the regional stability in question ? Videoconference

The African Studies Center of the French Institute of International Relations and the Institute for Strategic Research at the Military School are co-organizing a videoconference about the current political crisis in Ethiopia. The event will be held in English.

This webinar aims to shed light on the ongoing conflict in Ethiopia.

The hope for peace that arose from the appointment of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is fading. The holding of regional elections by the authorities of the Tigray Province, thus challenging the central power, was followed by the intervention of Ethiopian forces against the regional power. Despite the establishment of an interim administration and the official end of hostilities in November 2020, the Tigrayans are not backing down and the conflict is bogged down. Combined with other factors, the sense of marginalization in the Tigray Province has fueled a crisis that has rapidly internationalized and is impacting neighboring countries as well as the entire Horn of Africa region.

The discussion will revolve around the following questions: What spaces for internal negotiations can help reduce tensions and violence? How are Ethiopia's various neighbors positioned in relation to this conflict? What are the implications of the conflict for the region’s development?

Restricted event. By invitation only.

Moderation: Sina Schlimmer, researcher at the African Studies Center of IFRI and Anne-Laure Mahé, researcher at IRSEM

Speakers : 

  • William Davison, Senior Analyst for Ethiopia, International Crisis Group (ICG)
  • Sonia Le Gouriellec, Lecturer, Catholic University of Lille
  • Jean-Philippe Rémy, Head of the Africa Bureau, Le Monde
  • Caroline Rivery, Analyst and Political advisor

Contact the organizers: 

For more information about the debate, please contact schlimmer@ifri.org

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