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European Energy Policy : Building New Perspectives


Following the publication of “Europe and Energy: Building new Perspectives” by Cécile Maisonneuve, Ifri Energy Center organizes a roundtable conference with  Cécile MAISONNEUVE, Senior Advisor, Ifri Center for Energy,  Kilian GROSS,  acting Head of Unit, Responsible forE nergy Policy Coordination, G Energy, European Commission, François-Régis MOUTON, Chairman, Gas Naturally, Graham WEALE, Chief Economist, RWE AG

Chaired by: Marie-Claire AOUN, Director, Ifri Center for Energy and Jacques LESOURNE, President of the Scientific Committee, Ifri Center for Energy

European energy policy currently faces several challenges: successful implementation of an internal energy market, security of the gas supply under the current tensions between Russia and Ukraine, impact of vast renewable energy generation on electricity markets and a need to improve the functioning of the carbon market. At the beginning of a challenging legislative period, a new path for European energy policy needs to be considered.

This conference will address different aspects of European energy policy, focusing on the governance issue. While the current crisis between Ukraine and Russia brings security of supply back to the top of the agenda, building a truly integrated approach is a priority, now more than ever. This means better coordinating the European strategy with the rapid evolutions taking place on  the international energy stage, as well as rethinking the well-known triangle between security, competitiveness, and sustainability, so that it does not become a trilemma, that is, an impossible choice. This requires a better balance between EU institutions, which have to lead the vision, and Member States.

Conseil Central de l’Economie – Room 6 –Avenue d’Auderghem 20, Brussels – Metro: Schuman