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The future routes for the transportation of Russian gas to Europe By personal and non-transferable invitation

Stakes are high given the tensions and uncertainties over the future routes for the transport of Russian gas to Europe: the Nord Stream 2 and Turkstream projects are challenging the role of Ukraine at a time when European gas markets have been undergoing major regulatory changes and when the role of gas is being discussed in the context of the European energy transition. There is a need for an informal, direct dialogue among the leading European stakeholders involved in these issues to try to better understand each other’s positions, discuss the way forward in European gas markets and possibly come up with new ideas and proposals that could lead to easing some of the uncertainties and tensions and possibly, help identifying areas where some common understanding or compromise may be found. 

Moderator: Marc-Antoine Eyl-Mazzega, Director of the Ifri Center for Energy

DG Energy: Klaus-Dieter Borchardt, Director, Internal Energy Market; Kristof Kovacs, Gas Team Leader, Internal Energy Market

Engie: Philippe Vedrenne, CEO, Engie Global Markets; Willem Coppoolse, Head of Origination

Naftogaz: Yuriy Vitrenko, Chief Commercial Officer; Viacheslav Kniazhnitsky, Brussels Representative

PGNiG: Piotr Wozniak, CEO; Mariusz Kawnik, Director, Regulatory and International Affairs

Uniper Global Commodities: Uwe Fip, Senior Vice-President, Gas Supply Origination; Christopher Schäfers, Senior Vice- President, Government Relations Gas

8:45-9:00  Registration & Coffee

9:00-9:10 Introduction, Marc-Antoine Eyl-Mazzega, Director of the Ifri Center for Energy

9:10-10:00  Tour de Table: Key message for Engie, Uniper, PGNiG, Naftogaz, DG Energy on the future transportation of Russian gas to Europe

10:00-11:30 Round Table discussion focusing on:

  • The expected impact of the Nord Stream 2 project on European markets (prices, competition…): Good or bad?
  • Are changes in the European gas market regulation needed, especially for import pipelines? Yes or no?
  • What is the future of Ukraine’s gas market and future role for the transit of Russian gas to Europe? Bright or dark? 

11:30-12:15   Questions & Answers with the audience

12:15-12:30   Concluding remarks, Marc-Antoine Eyl-Mazzega 

Conseil Central de l'Économie, room 6 - 20 avenue d'Auderghem - Brussels (metro Schuman)
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