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Healthcare – Obama's great challenge


This will be the fifth seminar co-hosted by Faf and IFRI. The debate will take place in English and we will be joined by Gouverneur Howard H. Dean.

Howard Dean was one of the principal architects of Barack Obama's presidential campaign. His greatest contribution was encouraging Obama to embrace the internet and social media. Dean also served as the Governor of Vermont from 1991-2003 before serving as Chariman of the Democratic National Committee from 2005-2009. Today, he is invested in the debate over healthcare reform.

Moderator : Jean Marimbert, Director of l'Agence française de sécurité sanitaire des produits de santé (AFSSAPS).
Michel Garcin, President of the Board of Directors of the French-American Foundation - France, will preside over the event. 

Collège des Bernardins, 20 rue de Poissy

Faf & Ifri

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