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Environmentally friendly installation of photovoltaic power plant and wind turbine farm situated by landfill.
Environmentally friendly installation of photovoltaic power plant and wind turbine farm situated by landfill.

How to Address Growing Disbalances in the European Electricity System? Webinar

The EU has made extraordinary progress in deploying more renewable energy sources, to such an extent that major electricity system disbalances are appearing. 

Therefore, five battles now need to be considered simultaneously: decarbonization and the expansion of low carbon generation, supply and demand side flexibility for the short and long term, transmission and distribution grids’ modernization and expansion, the electrification of end uses and, finally, resilient value chains. These require huge investments, coordination, planning and challenge once more the issue of the electricity market design, the distribution of risks and incentives, and the right balance between regulation and market factors. How can further market imbalances be fixed, in both the short and long term?


Webinar outline



Dr. Marc-Antoine Eyl-Mazzega, Director, Center for Energy and Climate, Ifri


Etienne Beeker, Power market expert: Growing European electricity market imbalances

Philipp Artur Kienscherf, Head of Research Area Electricity & Regulation, Energiewirtschaftliches Institut an der Universität zu Köln (EWI):  Germany’s electricity market - what is the supply and demand side balance perspective in the medium term, and what are the implications of the Kraftwerkstrategie?

Dr. Philip Vogel, Team Lead Regulatory, RWE Offshore GmbH: Conditions for ramping up investment into low carbon generation and flexibility in Europe

Matt Hinde, Head of EU Affairs, National Grid: Thinking and planning in the UK



Diana Gherasim, Head of European Energy and Climate Policies, Ifri

 Discussion with participants


The event will be held in English on the Zoom platform.

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