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NASA's New Roadmap : the Outlook for Transatlantic Cooperation

Les nouvelles orientations de la NASA: quelle place pour les coopérations transatlantiques

Breakfast meeting.

Presented by President Obama on Monday Feb 1st, the new roadmap for NASA puts an end to the Constellation program, appeals to the private sector to service the ISS and aims to re-focus the Agency on innovative technology development. Is this new direction a promising one? What possibilities does it open for future cooperation with ESA and European countries, and what could the latter propose?

With Vincent Sabathier, former CNES Representative at the French Embassy in Washington DC, then a Senior Fellow on Space Issues at CSIS, now Chairman of Sabathier Consulting and Senior Associate for the Technology and Public Policy Program at CSIS; Chaired by Dr. Laurence Nardon, Head of the Space Policy Program at Ifri.

Ifri, Paris.