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Security issues : China’s presence in Africa Cycle : China’s policy towards Southern and Central Africa 3/3

As part of the Central and Southern Africa Observatory, a research partnership between Ifri's Sub-Saharan Africa Center and the Directorate General for International Relations and Strategy (DGRIS) of the French Ministry of the Armed Forces, Ifri is hosting a series of three research webinars on China's relations with Southern and Central Africa.

Since 2000, the Chinese presence on the African continent has continued to assert itself. Beijing has become the main trading partner of the region. The increase in trade flows between "the world’s factory" and a continent, which remains a supplier of raw materials, has been accompanied by a diplomatic and security deployment. Southern and Central Africa bear witness to these trends.

The third webinar will address China-Africa relations through the lens of security issues. Minor actor in the Cold War in Africa, Beijing has for the past fifteen years displayed a more assertive presence in the field of security. This trend is linked both to the evolution of its economic presence and to demands coming from African countries as well as other partners for Beijing to play an increased role in this area. Military cooperation, arms sales, the presence of private security companies and Chinese networks’ traffic of protected species will also be discussed.

Restricted event. By invitation only.

Chair: Thierry Vircoulon, coordinator of the Central and Southern Africa Observatory and associate researcher at Ifri’s Sub-Sahara Africa Centre

Speakers :

  • Alessandro Arduino, Co-director of the International Center for Security and Crisis Management, Shanghai Academy of Social Science
  • Lina BenabdallahResearcher on China-Africa relations, Wake Forest University
  • Bernardo Mariani, China Program Manager, Saferworld
  • Pauline Verheij, Wildlife and forest crime expert, EcoJust

The interventions and the debate will be held in French and English with simultaneous translation.

The videoconference will take place on Zoom.

Contact the organizers: 

Pour plus d'informations sur le débat, veuillez contacter schlimmer@ifri.org ou  dominguesdossantos@ifri.org  

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