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Crédits : William Potter/Shutterstock
Crédits : William Potter/Shutterstock

The Spectrum of the Russian threat to Europe Brown Bag Seminar Series

Ifri is pleased to announce the fifth conference in our intelligence series, in partnership with the Intelligence College in Europe, the purpose of which is to analyze the threat landscape through the eyes of senior officials from various European countries.

On June 3rd, Ifri will host Kaupo Rosin, Director General of the Foreign Intelligence Service, and Ants Kiviselg, Commander of the Estonian Military Intelligence Centre, to examine and analyze the state of the Russian threat in the realm of military power, cyberspace and throughout the hybrid spectrum.


Daphné Benoît, Head of the International Section, Agence France-Presse (AFP)

Elie Tenenbaum, Director of the Security Studies Center, Ifri



Thomas Gomart, Director, Ifri

This event is public and will be held in English without translation under the Chatham House Rule.


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