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Strategic autonomy and industrial policy: Perspectives from France, the EU and Japan

Building up a more sovereign Europe is one of the three main ambitions for the French Presidency of the EU.

This can be done by promoting a stronger Europe, able to act in the world, especially in the fields of security and defence, but also a more resilient Europe, by strengthening its economic security.

Japan is one of the main Asian partners of France and of the EU. Japan has also a significant experience addressing economic security. Recently, Tokyo has adopted a number of measures to strengthen its strategic autonomy in the field of the economy and industrial policy, including the creation of a Ministry dedicated to economic security.

In light of these developments, the event will allow experts to compare notes on the various approaches and measures taken to enhance strategic autonomy in the field of economic security and industrial policy. In this field, the EU and France have much to learn from Japan.


This conference will be held on Zoom, in English.




Following a brief (10 minutes) set of remarks by each speaker, the discussion will interactive and led by the Chair. Q/A from the audience will be included in the discussion.


Chair and discussion leader: Françoise NICOLAS, Director, Center for Asian Studies, Ifri

  • Joaquim NUNES DE ALMEIDA, Director “Mobility & energy intensive industries”, DG Grow, European Commission
  • Kazuto SUZUKI, Professor, Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Tokyo
  • Clotilde JOLIVET, Head of Government & Public Affairs France, Sanofi


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