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The Transfert of Migrants : Which Links between the Migratory policies ans the Development of the Countries of Migration

Breakfast Meeting with Jean-Pierre Garson, chef de la Division des économies non membres et des migrations internationales, OCDE, and Guillaume Almeras, associé-gérant de BGV Consulting, membre de l'Institut de Prospective et d'Etude pour la Méditerranée. Chaired by : Christophe Bertossi, Senior Research Fellow, Responsable for the "Migrations, Identities, Citizenship" Programme at Ifri.

The idea to link European migration policies to the development of the origin countries of migrants is not new but it has been emphasised at the beginning of the 2000's, overall with the "global approach" to migration. This results in so called "co-development" policies or in "migration management" agreements. Migrants are more and more considered as part of the solution to the economic problems of European countries (selective immigration policies) but also as a solution to the departure countries problems (as they generate increased amounts of remittances). In 2007, international migrants transferred 240 billion dollars towards developing countries. In this context, what role should be given to migrants in these "co-development" or "solidar development" policies? What tools could maximise the remittances efficiency? How could remittances contribute to the economic and social development of emigration countries on the long term?