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Germany's Arms Export Ban Frustates European Partners War On The Rocks, 5 March 2019

Germany's unilateral decision to halt all shipments of military equipment to Saudi Arabia has stopped 10's of billions of dollars worth of orders of joint European arms exports, bringing the question of deep arms export cooperation among European partners into high relief.


Barbara Kunz, Research Fellow at the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI), discusses the dispute in a "Warcasts" on War On The Rocks. (access subscribers only)

[ 0:18 ] Introduction
[ 0:48 ] Anatomy of the current arms procurement and export relationship
[ 2:15 ] Existing agreements
[ 4:08 ] Domestic debate within Germany
[ 6:31 ] Options for Berlin
[ 8:19 ] Impact on ambitions for a common defense policy


This article is available on the website of War on The Rocks: Germany's Arms Export Ban Frustrates European Partners.


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