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Hans STARK, invited to "Le débat du jour" by François Bernard on RFI.

What future for the German social democracy?

Martin Schulz will be the SPDs candidate for the general elections in 2017, facing the CDUs Angela Merkel. Could his arrival threaten the Chancellor and reinvigorate a rather dull looking SPD?


After having been a model party for the whole of Europe, the SPD has lost a significant part of its influence. Today it has become a simple ally of the coalition in power that supports Angela Merkel. Will the arrival of Schulz be able to change this?

Invited to discuss this question were :

  • Hans Stark, secrétaire général du Comité d'études des relations franco-allemandes (Cerfa) at l'Ifri and professor at Paris Sorbonne University.
  • Guillaume Duval, Chief editor of the magazine Alternatives économiques.

Listen to the podcast in French.


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