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Corporate Members & Program Supporters


Changes to the international world order can be sources of both risk and opportunity. Companies evolve in a highly competitive environment that is often modified by policy decisions and the international agenda. If a company is to strive, it needs to have both clarity and anticipation in regard to these changes. This is then, one Ifri's central challenges: establishing an objective analysis of issues that are of general interest, which can then be used to develop business strategies.

By bringing together policy makers, experts, researchers, journalists and representatives of civil society, Ifri provides its partners with unique opportunities to network and share analysis.

There are three different types of support available for corporations: becoming a member of Ifri, supporting a specific research program, and becoming a general partner.

These different types of support give businesses the following advantages:

  • background analysis and insight into political risk
  • privileged access to Ifri’s prominent international stakeholders network
  • specifically tailored briefing to the board’s interests

For more information, please contact Yann Roland, Director of Development, or +33 (0)1 40 61 60 21

Member companies of Ifri have privileged access to a network of key decision makers and actively participate in debating ideas through events that are reserved especially for them. Thanks to their contributions, they also benefit from dedicated research insights.

Corporate Members & Program Supporters

By supporting research activities, Ifri’s partners give researchers the means to develop substantive analysis while enjoying  privileged access to their analysis, and their network.

The value of this support lies above all in the interaction the research team and, secondly, with all the partners within the program as part of the monitoring committee businesses.

Program Supporters contribute to:

  • Strengthening research teams

  • Increasing the prevalence and length of fieldwork trips for researchers

  • Organizing high-level conferences  with international experts

  • Maintaining a group of experts recognized for their thorough analysis of important themes

  • Increasing the audience of Ifri’s work, by translating them into English, German, and Russian

  • Enriching and informing public debate


Companies are considered key players in international life, and so they benefit from a program of specialised debates designed to enable business leaders to maintain an exchange of ideas with the research community, deepen their dialogue with the government, compare their views with those of other actors on the international scene, and exchange experiences with both  French and foreign colleagues.

Thursday 07 March 2019
from 20:15 to 22:30 - Dinners and Luncheons

Graduate in U.S. History, Eric Holcomb is the 51st Governor of Indiana.Member of Republican Party, he has earned a reputation of being a consensus...