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What Is a Good Security Sector Reform? Notes de l'Ifri, décembre 2017

For about 20 years, security sector reform (SSR) has emerged as an essential tool for crisis recovery and reconstructing weak and failed states at the heart of the security-development continuum. It is time to take stock of the lessons learnt about SSR and to offer an analysis of good practices and the lessons learned from these experiences. 


Although "good SSR" is quite rare, the experience gained helps to identify some principles of action. The more successful the SSR is in mobilising a wide range of actors, the more likely it is to succeed. The SSR must also meet several criteria: have a strategic vision, build a comprehensive approach, link effectiveness and governance, be sustainable, adopt the right pace and finally recruit the right people. Although "good SSR" is difficult to implement, the issue is very important since it is about bringing lasting peace to a country.

What Is a Good Security Sector Reform?
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