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Zimbabwe: Reflections on a Lasting Dictatorship Politique étrangère, No. 3, Autumn 2008

Marc-André Lagrange et Thierry Vircoulon, 

Zimbabwe : réflexions sur la dictature durable

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The Mugabe Regime, which became more and more authoritarian (increasing repression, ballot rigging, moving population who do not “vote well”, etc.), is closely linked with its economic failure. It relies on militarization of power, the establishment of parallel structures of control and repression, and finally on a vote-catching system aimed at looting the country’s resources. All of these devises are employed where systems become “long lasting dictatorships”.Marc-André Lagrange, specialist of humanitarian urgency, worked for Médecins sans frontières in Zimbabwe before the 2008 election. Thierry Vircoulon, expert in governance, was working in Southern Africa at the beginning of the Zimbabwean crisis.