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A Second Wind for States? Politique étrangère, Vol. 83, No. 1, Spring 2018

With globalization weakening their borders and their sovereignty, are states now marginalized on the global stage?

The debate over “the end of states” might lead us to think so; however, we may be witnessing a proliferation of diverse and contradictory “desires for states” instead. Politique étrangère examines the role and the destiny of these states, which are so different in their history and their context.

States to be rebuilt (Syria, Iraq), wavering but resilient states (Lebanon), states challenged from within (United Kingdom, Spain), states on the verge of collapse (Egypt, Venezuela), and strong states (China under Xi Jinping and its increasingly visible and global strategies): in reality, they all form the only perennial structure on the international stage.

At a time when multilateralism seems challenged and even scorned by the largest among them, the United States, we must ask what is common to all these states, what differentiates them, to imagine what their society of tomorrow might be.



Dancing with States, by Serge Sur

Contemporary Debates on the “End of States”, by Frédéric Ramel

Empires in all their States, by Georges-Henri Soutou

Middle Eastern States: Crisis and Comeback, by Dorothée Schmid



General El-Sisi’s Egypt: Reaction and Revolutionary Aspirations, by Chloé Berger

Can Venezuela Break Out of its Impasse?, by Thomas Posado

Scotland: Nationalism, Immigration, and the Return of Borders, by Fabien Jeannier

The Catalan Crisis: A Definitive Split, by Benoît Pellistrandi



New Chinese Rail Links: A Strategic Undertaking, by Linyan Huang, Frédéric Lasserre and Éric Mottet

Strategy and Freedom of Action, by Vincent Desportes

Shorter Military Interventions: The Concept of the Bridging Operation, by Rémy Hémez



Poland and Germany: How to Cooperate in a “Two-Speed” Europe?, by Dorota Richard

Lebanon: Regional Patronage with a National Straitjacket, by Aurélie Daher



La fin du rêve américain ?, by Lauric Henneton
One Nation After Trump: A Guide for the Perplexed, the Disillusioned, the Desperate, and the Not-Yet Deported, by E. J. Dionne Jr., Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein
All Measures Short of War: the Contest for The 21st Century & the Future of American Power, by Thomas J. Wright

By Laurence Nardon


This content is available in French: "Les lectures de Politique étrangère, vol. 83, n° 1, printemps 2018"

This content is available in French: "Éditorial de Politique étrangère, vol. 83, n° 1, printemps 2018"

This content is available in French: "Le dossier de presse de Politique étrangère, vol. 83, n° 1, printemps 2018"


Empire Nationalism States Catalonia Egypt Lebanon Middle East Poland Scotland Venezuela
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