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European Foreign Policy in 2027: Preparing for the Unexpected Workshop Report, French-German Future Dialogue 2017

What risks might the European Union be facing in 2027? Shaken by growing internal agitation as well as wider geopolitical developments, the European Union (EU) needs to redefine its role on the world scene while strengthening its core project. Integration has taken place on all levels and risks are therefore increasingly a concern to the Union as a whole. 

The Lisbon Treaty established in 2009 several instruments to strengthen and coordinate its external action. This policy, however, faces serious internal and external challenges that question its capacity to define and defend European interests in the long run. European Union policy-makers therefore need to analyse risks and take precautionary measures.

In this report, the German, French and Polish participants of the French-German Future Dialogue 2017 present five scenarios on major risks threatening European foreign policy interests.

Participants took part in a series of foresight workshops conceived and led by Johannes Gabriel (Foresight Intelligence) in Nantes, Nuremberg and Warsaw. The workshops focused on risk analysis of factors threatening European Foreign Policy interests. This report presents their results, including concrete policy recommendations.

For more information on the programme, please visit our Website (French and German) or find a short description on the Ifri website (English). 
Contact: Katja BORCK, project manager, Cerfa (borck.cerfa@ifri.org

  Nantes, May 2017

  Nuremberg, July 2017 

  Warsaw, Octobre 2017

  Warsaw, Octobre 2017


European Foreign Policy in 2027: Preparing for the Unexpected. Risks and Mitigation Approaches
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