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Manuel WELSCH, Steve PYE, Dogan KELES, Aurélie FAURE, Audrey DOBBINS, Abhishek SHIVAKUMAR, Paul DEANE, Mark HOWELLS

Europe's Energy Transition - Insights for Policy Making Elsevier Academic Press 2017

This book was authored by the Insight_e European consortium, in which the Ifri Center for Energy was involved between 2014 and 2017. It is based on the key research projects carried out over the last three years on the Energy Union, greenhouse gas emissions reduction policies, security of gas and electricity supplies and the societal dimensions of the energy transition.


Europe’s Energy Transition: Insights for Policy Making looks at the availability and cost of accessing energy and how it significantly affects economic growth and competitiveness in global markets.

The results in this book, from a European Commission (EC) financed project by INSIGHT_E, provide an overview of the most recent analyses, focusing on energy markets and their implications for society. Designed to inform European policymaking, elements of this book will be integrated into upcoming EC policies, giving readers invaluable insights into the cost and availability of energy, the effect of price increases affecting vulnerable consumer groups, and current topics of interest to the EC and ongoing energy debate.

INSIGHT_E provides decision-makers with unbiased policy advice and insights on the latest developments, including an assessment of their potential impact.

Key Features:

  • Presents a detailed analysis of the legislative energy packages policy implications across all energy economic themes
  • Includes guidelines and analysis informing the European Commission
  • Highlights development trends of European policy and legislation and its relevance to policy efforts in the US, China, or Australia

 The book can be purchased through the editor's website here.

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