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Daniele JOLY, Khursheed WADIA

Muslim Women and Power: Political and Civic Engagement in West European Societies

This book explores Muslim women’s political and civic engagement in Britain and France.


Examining their interaction with civil society and state institutions, it provides an understanding of their development as political actors and of the barriers and motivators governing their action. It argues that Muslim women’s participation occurs at the intersections of the groups and society to which they belong; the ethnic group, the religious group and majority society, cut across by gendered power relations. Their political attitudes and behaviour are influenced by their national/ethnic origins, religion and specificities of British and French societies. Muslim women negotiate obstacles and exploit facilitators, within these complex relations, thereby increasing their capacity to ‘do politics’. Using original, empirical data, the authors assert that Muslim women’s interest in politics, knowledge of it and participation in political and civic life is higher than expected. This book will prove valuable to students and scholars of politics, sociology and gender studies and to policy makers arguing for the tolerance of difference.

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