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2012, year of all dangers?

2012, année de tous les périls ?...

Luncheon debatte dedicated to Ifri's corporate members, by invitation only.

With Jacques Mistral, Director of Economic Studies, Ifri

The strong recovery noticed in 2010 that seemed to be going on, the year 2011 had begun auspiciously, the world economy was, during the first quarter, on a trajectory that let hope the return of a lasting growth. It ends in the gloomiest atmosphere that we ever had since the collapse of Lehmann Brothers: the slowing down is here and let us fear a second recession, the risk of a new financial catastrophy is back in minds, governments seem disarmed. How did we come to this situation? Is it a temporary air pocket? What are the realistic hopes for 2012? These issues will be discussed in successively examining the situation of the Eurozone, the USA and China.

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