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Credits: Japan ministry of foreign affairs
Credits: Japan ministry of foreign affairs

After TICAD 8 - COVID, war in Ukraine and the cooperation with Africa: Views from Japan and France Webinar

The TICAD 8 – the 8th edition of the Japan-Africa Summit – was held on 27-28 August 2022 in Tunis.

Since the latest iteration of the summit in 2019, two major international crises took place: the pandemic of COVID 19 and the war in Ukraine. These developments already led to several geopolitical turning-points. The African continent has also been impacted in various ways, and the coming food catastrophe will be an important challenge to face.

How the pandemic and the war in Ukraine are impacting the cooperation with Africa? Japanese and French experts and practitioners will offer their perspectives and will discuss opportunities to expand the bilateral cooperation on the African continent.



Chair and discussion leader: Céline PAJON, Head of Japan Research, French Institute of International Relations (Ifri)

  • Mika INOUE-HANZAWA, Professor, Toyo Gakuen University and currently Academic Visitor, University of Oxford
  • Etienne GIROS, Président, CIAN - Conseil français des investisseurs en Afrique
  • Sayoko UESU, Senior researcher, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)
  • Christine HOLZBAUER, International Reporter, Financial Afrik



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