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João Lourenço, Président de l'Angola

Angola : from Dos Santos to Lourenço, Unexpected Transition, Lasting Transformation?

As part of the Observatoire of Southern Africa and the African Great Lakes, Ifri organizes this conference on Angola in collaboration with the Directorate General for International Relations and Strategy of the Ministry of the Armed Forces (DGRIS).

For a long decade, the narrative that President Dos Santos, in power since 1979, brought prosperity, security and international projection to Angola was dominant in domestic and international circles. However, the major economic crisis in which Angola has been plunged has forced a new look at the leadership of the MPLA government. In a matter of months, Angola had lost most of its hardly earned reputation domestically and abroad. The new president, João Lourenço, was elected in an overall peaceful general election in August 2017. His discreet arrival in power gave the impression that he would struggle to impose his leadership in an institutional system designed by Dos Santos. But in a few months, Lourenço proceeded to substantial and unexpected changes that will be analyzed in detail during this conference.


Politics and Institutions under Lourenço

2 PM- 3:45 PM

Jon Schubert, Global Studies Institute - University of Geneva

Rebecca Engebretsen, Development Economics Group - ETH Zurich

Luaty Beirão, Musician and Activist

Chair & Discussant:

Alex Vines, Head of the Africa Programme, Chatham House


Regional and International Implications

4 PM – 6 PM

Mathias de Alencastro, São Paulo Research Foundation

Manuel Ennes Ferreira, School of Economics and Management – ISEG Lisbon

Ricardo Soares de Oliveira, University of Oxford


Chloé Buire, CNRS - LAM Bordeaux


Alain Antil, Director of the African Studies Center, Ifri



Conference in English with French translation



27 rue de la procession, 75015 Paris

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For further information on this conference please contact Victor Magnani (magnani@ifri.org / 01 40 61 60 23)

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