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The Arctic: Seizing Opportunities and Safeguarding Stability Videoconference

The Arctic region has enjoyed lasting political stability for several decades. However, the region is very vulnerable to the acceleration of climate change, and in addition, it is subject to growing interest from global powers eager to explore its geo-economic and geo-strategic potential. These rapid transformations are leading the Arctic states to rethink their strategy as economic and security issues directly influence their policy. Current regional cooperation mechanisms may also evolve. How are the various challenges in this region met? What is the role of Arctic communities such as Greenland’s? How can the European Union and other stakeholders contribute to preserving regional stability?

It is with this in mind that the seminar offers an open dialogue between the Kingdom of Denmark and France on security policy and economic prospects in the Arctic region.

Opening remarks

Michael Starbæk Christensen, The Kingdom of Denmark’s Ambassador to France


  • Thomas Winkler, Arctic Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark
  • Kenneth Høegh, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Government of Greenland
  • Jean-Charles Larsonneur, Member of France’s National Assembly

Chair: Thomas Gomart, Director of Ifri


This seminar will be held in English on Zoom.



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