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from 08:00 to 11:00
from Thursday 11 November 2010 08:00 to Friday 12 November 2010 11:00
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Chinese and European Green Growth Strategies

Chinese and European Green Growth Strategies

Workshop co-organized by

the China Reform Forum (CRF)
the China Beijing Environment Exchange (CBEEX)
and the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI)

"Green growth" is an increasingly employed concept that is making considerable headway in political discourse and economic policy, particularly in China and Europe. Yet interpretations of the concept and courses of action in search of green growth can vary considerably across countries and regions.

This workshop has two primary objectives. First, it aims to clarify the options and instruments available to decision makers when pursuing green growth. Following a conceptual discussion on the parameters of green growth and related policy instruments, particular attention will be paid to the Chinese and European experiences by appraising current policies and practices and analyzing the implications for business. Second, this workshop seeks to identify points of common ground between Europe and China on the issue of climate change and discuss options for a way forward in the lead up to negotiations in Cancun beginning at the end of November.


See also - Practising Green Growth: Challenges and Opportunities - at Ifri, Paris, 31/05/2011