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Companies’ responsibility in the integration of migrants in Europe: what lessons for France? A partnership with AFMD


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Companies are at the heart of newly arrived foreigner’s integration path. Indeed, labor market integration plays a key role in the access to numerous rights and services in Europe, and strengthens the sense of belonging to the host society.

Migrants face a number of obstacles when it comes to employment: diploma from home universities are seldom recognized; lacking knowledge of the language; no accessibility to excluded jobs – especially but not only in the administration. Discriminations and prejudices also tend to confine migrants to less qualified job.

This seminar aims at bringing together about thirty stakeholders from economic, institutional, associative, labor unions and research backgrounds in a closed door discussion investigating the role of companies in the integration of foreigners in order to suggest concrete means to enhance their implication.

The meeting builds on the working group set up in 2015 by the AFMD in partnership with the IFRI, that gathered member firms of the Association within the framework of a project supported by the French Ministry of Interior’s Direction for reception and support of foreigners and citizenship (Daaen).



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