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Decarbonizing Electricity Systems: Progress Made and Challenges Ahead COP22 Side Event in Marrakesh

Climate goals agreed in Paris at COP21 can only be reached if a strong focus is put on the promotion of low-carbon electricity sources. Electricity generation is already the largest contributor to energy-related CO2 emissions and global demand for electricity is set to increase by another 40% to 2030. 

Despite encouraging signs, such as record investment in renewables and falling costs for key technologies, the road to full decarbonization of electricity systems is still long and full of challenges. The aim of this event, co-organised by Ifri and OCP Policy Center, is to discuss electricity decarbonization strategies and identify areas for further international cooperation. 

Chair: Marie-Claire Aoun, Director of the Ifri Center for Energy


  • The role of electricity in global decarbonization scenarios

            Carole Mathieu, Research Fellow, Ifri Center for Energy

  • Renewables and the electrification challenge

            Jane Olga Ebinger, Director Policy, Sustainable Energy for All 

  • Can emerging countries leapfrog the 20th century model? The cases of India and Morocco

            Anil Razdan, Former Secretary Power, Government of India

            Tayeb Amegroud, Research Fellow, OCP Policy Center

  • Next steps for mature electricity systems to become zero-carbon

            Simon Bennett, Analyst in the Economics and Investment Office of the International Energy Agency 


Marrakesh, COP22 Side Event, Green Zone, Ziz Room
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