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Ditching Coal in North-Western Europe: Options on the Table Ifri Energy Breakfast Roundtable

Despite the EU’s long-standing commitment to climate action, its energy-related GHG emissions have picked up again in 2017. Renewables keep making inroads in the EU electricity mix but delays in reducing coal-fired generation are undermining the EU’s overall climate policy.

The stakes are particularly high in Germany where more than 100GW of renewable capacity has been deployed, while coal still accounts for about 40% of the electricity produced. Following the UK’s example, France has repeatedly called for the introduction of an EU or regional carbon price floor for the power generation sector, as a way to guarantee stable incentives to switch to less emission-intensive technologies. This proposal is triggering interest in neighbouring States but concrete steps are still missing, knowing that the German government’s coalition agreement remains largely evasive on the topic of carbon pricing. 

This Ifri Energy Roundtable will aim at discussing the most realistic options for accelerating coal phase out in North-Western Europe. 


  • Marc-Antoine Eyl-Mazzega, Director of the Ifri Centre for Energy - Coal prices in Europe: trends & perspectives
  • Felix Matthes, Research Coordinator for Energy & Climate, Öko-Institut - Germany’s new government: any strategy to reduce coal and GHG emissions ?
  • Suzana Carp, Bussels Representative, SANDBAG - Current trends on the EU ETS market, is the reform enough to drive prices upward?
  • Emmanuel Tuchscherer, Director of European Affairs, ENGIE - Is the ETS fit for the EU power sector?


Moderator: Olivier Appert, Senior Advisor, Centre for Energy

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