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Egypt, Tunisia: the Arab Spring between Revolution and Counter-Revolution

Egypte, Tunisie : le printemps arabe entre révolution et contre-révolution

A luncheon debate with Mansouria MOKHEFI, Head of Middle East/North Africa research programme

More than two years after the irruption of their "spring", the "transition" doesn't move forward in the two most symbolic countries of the 2011 changes. Economic crisis, contestation of the leading Islamist parties, difficult affirmation of civil societies, manoeuvres of supporters of the old systems, frontiers issues: all the elements seem to be gathered for a new regional chaos. What prospects are offered today for both countries, in view of their internal dynamics and the region evolution?

Chair: Dominique DAVID, Executive Director, Ifri

With the support of Fondation du Crédit Mutuel

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