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Credit : Rich Carey/Shutterstock
Credit : Rich Carey/Shutterstock

Geopolitics of Forests: How to Strengthen the International Response to Deforestation? Webinar

Across the tropical world, the race for land continues to fuel deforestation and threatens the stability of climate, territorial biodiversity and freshwater cycles. The central challenge is to preserve these ecological services without undermining national sovereignty on forest resources.

In recent years, global efforts to combat deforestation have intensified, leading to the piling up of various initiatives and instruments such as certification standards, carbon compensation schemes and strategies to reduce imported deforestation. How to ensure these efforts converge and how to deliver a leap forward on global forest governance?

Chair: Marc-Antoine Eyl-Mazzega, Director, Center for Energy & Climate, Ifri

  • Alain Karsenty, Researcher at CIRAD and author of the Ifri study “Geopolitics of the World's Forests: Strategies for Tackling Deforestation”
  • Lee White, Gabon’s Minister of Forests, Oceans, Environment and Climate Change 
  • Astrid Schomaker, Director for Global Sustainable Development, DG ENV, European Commission

Moderation: Carole Mathieu, Head of EU energy & climate policies, Ifri


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