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William C. RAMSAY, Géraud MAGRIN, Geert VAN VLIET, Benjamin AUGE

Governance and Oil in Africa

Gouvernance et pétrole en Afrique subsaharienne

Sub-Saharan Africa produces 7,1% of total world production, mostly in the Gulf of Guinea. New discoveries have taken place during the past few years, notably in Ghana, Ivory Coast and the the Great Lakes region. However, quality of governance, corruptio, income distribution, and corporate roles are still delicate topics. This themes will be discussed by some of the authors of the book published in English in 2009 : Governance of Oil in Africa: Unfinished Business (See book references on Ifri's website). The Ifri Energy program hopes that this book will shed light on the role of hydrocarbon production in Africa.

The debate will take place around : Géraud Margin, researcher, Cirad and Geert Van Vliet, economist and researcher, Cirad, Benjamin Augé, Phd candidateat the Institut Français de Géopolitique (University of Paris VIII), Chairman : William C. Ramsay, senior Fellow, Director of the Ifri Energy Program

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