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An Immigration Policy Adapted to Firms

A luncheon debate with Christophe BERTOSSI, Director, and Emma BROUGHTON, Research Fellow, Center for Migrations and Citizenship , Ifri.

The employment of immigrants has been a central issue of the French debates for many decades -as it is illustrated by the controversy about the status of foreign students and the "circulaire Guéant" of 2011. Strongly politicised, the immigration policies are seldom considered as workforce policies, dealing primarily with the firms requirements. What is therefore the impact over firms of the migration policies that do not take their needs sufficiently into account? And what role can the firms play in the definition of the goals of these policies, when the government is announcing its wish to adapr professional and student immigration  to the needs of the French economy?


Présidence : Dominique DAVID, directeur exécutif, Ifri


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