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Obama Re-elected: "The best is yet to come"?


One month after Obama's reelection, Ifri's 11th Annual Conference on the United States will review the new political and economical landscape and the main challenges of America's foreign policy. A unique opportunity for European and U.S. thinkers to engage in an in-depth discussion of the main current issues regarding the United States.

Short videos of the presentations and ensuing debates are available here. To download the speakers' powerpoints, please click "See the event report" above.

9:00-10:45 The Political Outlook of President Obama's Second Term
The social and political evolutions of U.S. public opinion as shown by the November vote
John ZOGBY, Senior analyst, JZ Analytics
Will President Obama and the new Congress break the institutional deadlock? Can bipartisanship be renewed?
Corine LESNES, Washington correspondent for Le Monde
The role of the Supreme court in U.S. politics: what can we expect from upcoming decisions?
Jeffrey ROSEN, Law Professor, George Washington University

Moderator: Laurence NARDON, Head of the U.S. Program, Ifri

11:15-13:00 The Economy: How to Bounce Back to Growth?
Can we trust the current signs of a macroeconomic improvement?
Florence PISANI, Economist, Dexia Asset Management
Will the new energy mix boost the U.S. economy?
Antoine HALFF, Head of the Oil Industry and Markets Division, International Energy Agency
Is there a future for blue-collar jobs in America; is re-industrialization possible?
Rob CARNELL, Chief International Economist, ING UK

Moderator: Anne BAGAMERY, European Day Editor, The International Herald Tribune

15:00-17:15 Foreign Policy Issues

15:00-15:30 Keynote Speech
Where does American nationalism stand today?
Anatol LIEVEN, Professor, War Studies Department, King"s College London

15:30-17:15 Foreign Policy: the Major Issues America Faces
Cyber threats and cyber weapons: a U.S. perspective
Thomas RID, Reader, King"s College London
Next steps in the U.S. Pivot to Asia
Ely RATNER, Fellow, Center for a New American Security
U.S. perceptions and policies as to the risk of nuclear and ballistic proliferation
Alex LENNON Senior Fellow, International Security Program, CSIS

Moderator: Alexandra DE HOOP SCHEFFER, Director of the Paris Office, German Marshall Fund of the United States

17:15-17:45 Conclusion
The enduring relevance of the transatlantic perspective
Simon SERFATY, Zbigniew Brzezinski Emeritus Chair, CSIS

Discussions will be held in English and French with a French to English translation.

Contact : usa@ifri.org

Lieu : Ifri: 27, rue de la Procession, 75015 Paris
Organisateurs : Laurence Nardon, head of the United-States.


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