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Shale Gas and Oil: What Threat for Traditional Producers? Les Mensuelles Ifri/Entreprises


A luncheon debate with Dr. Marie-Claire AOUN, Director of the Energy Centre énergie, Ifri.

Concentrated for a long time in the OPEC countries and Russia, hydrocarbon resources now reveal a more balanced dispatch on the global energy scene. This new geopolitical situation of energy resources represent a major challenge for traditional hydrocarbon producing countries. With huge internal political and economic challenges and the transition of energy demand in many consumer countries, could the non-conventional hydrocarbon revolution weaken or re-define the role of OPEC countries and of Russia on the global energy scene? What are the strategies of these countries to adapt with the emergence of a new energy world?

These luncheon debates are exlusively dedicated to Ifri corporate and individual benefactor members. By personal invitation.


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Cécile CAMPAGNE , in charge of relations with corporate members, Strategic Development Office

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