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Ukrainian Theatre as a Test for the Russian Military and Geopolitical Ambitions Closed Seminar - By personal and non-transferable invitation


A closed seminar with Pavel BAEV, Research Director and Professor at the Peace Research Institute (PRIO), Oslo, Senior Non-Resident Fellow at the Brookings Institution, Washington DC, and Associate Research Fellow at Russia-NIS Center at Ifri.

Sustained and determined efforts at reforming the Russian Armed Forces have made it possible for Russia to execute swift annexation of Crimea in March 2014 and engage in "hybrid war" against Ukraine. Soon after the Minsk-2 agreement, it is necessary to assess more precisely Russia's military capabilities and geopolitical ambitions.

Chair: Tatiana KASTUEVA-JEAN, Head, Russia-NIS Center, Ifri

A seminar held in English

Contact the organizers: 

Cécile CAMPAGNE, Assistante, Cetnre Russie-NEI, Ifri
campagne@ifri.org - Tel: 01 40 61 60 21

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