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Urban Transition in Africa: How to Finance Infrastructure? Les Jeudis de l'Ifri

A "Les Jeudis de l'Ifri" videoconférence around Alain ANTIL, Director of Ifri's Sub-Saharan Africa Center, and Sina SCHLIMMER, Research Fellow at the Sub-Saharan Africa Center.

By 2050, the population of sub-Saharan Africa will double and more than 50% of it will live in cities.  How to provide and finance the urban infrastructure necessary to accommodate more than 500 million urban dwellers who will reach African cities? To what extent does this urbanization put Africa's traditional partners (Europe) in competition with emerging players (China, Russia, Gulf States).


Chair : Thomas Gomart, director of Ifri.


This debate is for corporate members only. It will be conducted in French.


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For further information on this debate, please contact Sandrine Bañales, corporate and embassies memberships coordinator:  banales@ifri.org, 01 40 61 60 21. 

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