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What challenges does thet new America face ?

Join Ifri for a conference on the consequences of the election and the challenges facing the new American administration. The day will begin with speeches by Thierry de Montbrial, Executive Director of Ifri, Mark Pekala, Deputy Chief of Mission at the United States' embassy in France, and Jacques Mistral, Director of Economic Studies at Ifri. Hubert Védrine, former Foreign Minister will conclude the debates. 

The conference is structured around four roundtables : "A New Political Order", "A Society in Movement", "The Financial Crisis and the Economic Future", and "The United States and the World Order". Noteworthy participants include Francis Fukuyama, Professor of International Political Economy at Johns Hopkins University, François Bujon de l'Estang, former French Ambassador to the United States and President of Citigroup France, Michel Aglietta, Professor of Economics at the University of Paris X and scientific advisor to CEPII, André Kaspi, Professor Emeritus at the Sorbonne and President of the Comité pour l'histoire at CNRS.

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