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Elie TENENBAUM, interviewed by Sveinn Helgason for the podcast World Focus from Brussels

France in the World - Perspective from Paris on Geopolitics and Defence

France plays a major role in Europe as one of the leading nations of the European Union,  plus being a founding member of NATO and a key Ally.  Nevertheless French governments have often been critical of the Alliance through the years.


French President Emmanuel Macron has focused on strengthening the influence and status of France on the global stage, while also emphasizing the importance of Europe's strategic autonomy. Earlier this year, we also hear President Macron announcing major military support to Ukraine.

For this episode, Elie Tenenbaum, the Director of the Security Studies Center at the French Institute for International Relations - Ifri, is interviewed. Several topics were mentionned, such as the war in Ukraine, the Middle East, the threat of terrorism and the role of France in NATO.


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