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ethical charter




The French institute of international relations - Ifri is guided by a concern for independence, objectivity and integrity. Its activities are based on the pursuit of the public interest and Ifri engages in them responsibly. 


Consequently :


  • The institute neither supports nor defends any particular interest, nor does it support any cause or position of a partisan nature.


  • The institute is careful that its research and debate activities meet the requirements of intellectual rigor, lack of bias, and of responsibility.


  • In its approach, Ifri aims to strike an overall balance among stakeholders as well as a diversity of views.


  • The requirement for responsibility entails that any public expression made in the name of the institution be characterized by moderation in language and judgement.


  • The work of Ifri is public in principle. Due to its nature, some may nonetheless be kept confidential.


  • The Institute is careful to assure that the financing and material support it receives, from public or private origin, French or foreign, may not jeopardize the implementation of its defining principles and values. The administrative council is asked to comment on all financing that could by its size or its origin lead to doubts about the independence of the institute.