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Gwenolé MOAL

Geoengineering to the climate's rescue? Issues, actors and perspectives of an anthropocene symbol Briefings de l'Ifri, February 4th, 2022

Geoengineering is a catchword for a wide range of techniques, and it is becoming an international issue that will grow in importance as the costs of certain technologies fall or as greenhouse gas emissions continue to decline, making these techniques more attractive.


- For now, the scope of geoengineering is minor. The orders of magnitude of the techniques are much smaller than the problems and the costs are prohibitive.

- The many uncertainties make it unclear whether massive use of geoengineering would have a positive or negative impact on the current climate situation.

- The lack of binding regulations and international governance is problematic, although experiments are already taking place and could be scaled up. The European Union should initiate a fundamental movement on the governance and supervision of a risky and already partially established subject, which concerns many areas, including the oceans.


This report is only available in French : "La géo-ingénierie à la rescousse du climat ?"

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