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Luis MIOTTI, Frédérique SACHWALD, Françoise NICOLAS, (collab.)

Growth in France, 1950-2030: The Innovation Challenge Paris : Ifri, 2004. - 82 p. (Travaux et recherches Ifri)

English translation of the book: 'La Croissance française 1950-2030: le défi de l’innovation',


France stopped catching up with the United states standard of living in the early eighties, and has lost ground since then. This book studies French growth potential over a very long period: 1950-2030. It shows that France has not managed to adapt its growth trajectory to innovation-based competition and growth. The scenario discussed in the book for the period to 2030 is based on the hypothesis that France will implement a number of necessary reforms to adapt its growth model and be able to boost productivity.

Growth in France, 1950-2030: The Innovation Challenge