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Maïté de BONCOURT, Constantinos TALIOTIS

East-Mediterranean Gas potential: Opportunities and Barriers INSIGHT_E Hot Energy Topic #7

A report released by Insight_e,  the European energy consortium specialised on energy policy research and analysis
Lead authors: Constantinos Taliotis (KTH) and Maïté de Boncourt (Ifri), Authoring team: Kimon Keramidas (Enerdata), Reviewer: Paul Deane (UCC)


The Eastern Mediterranean region on the new world gas map with the discovery of the Tamar field in 2009. Although the volumes of gas discrovered were not a global game changer, potential resources could well boost the economies of the host countries and provide respectable gas volumes to the EU - an attrative opportunity given the current reliance on Russian gas. The discoveries also have the potential to promote regional stability trhrough economic cooperation.

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