Florian VIDAL

Associate Fellow, Russia / Eurasia Center

Research Interests:

  • Regional dynamics in the Arctic (Northern Europe and Russia)
  • Mining strategies and energy transition
  • Political ecology and Anthropocene


Florian Vidal is an Associate Research Fellow at Ifri's Russia / Eurasia Center. He holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from Paris Descartes University and is a researcher at UiT The Arctic University of Norway. He specializes in the resources-energy-technology nexus considering the Anthropocene, including mining issues in remote areas (polar areas, seabeds, and outer space).

In addition, he is an Associate Research Fellow with the Laboratory on Interdisciplinary Studies on Energy (LIED, French National Center for Scientific Research) at the Paris Cité University and a member of the ANR Strategic Metals research project coordinated by the French Geological Survey (BRGM). He also teaches at the Military Academy of Saint-Cyr. Florian Vidal has extensive field experience in Northern Europe, Russia, and Latin America.

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In adapting to growing geopolitical competition over digital technology, the EU and the UK are striving for economic security and technological sovereignty. European policies focus on reducing critical over-dependencies on China. This de-risking is a necessary process of adaptation to the new...

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By: Florian VIDAL, and José Halloy, article published in The Conversation

The series For All Mankind (2019) is a fictional alternate history that imagines a world where the Soviet Union was the first power to send an astronaut to the moon. From that starting point, the two rival superpowers compete to establish their own lunar station.