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Corporate Brochure


A space where free, responsible, operational, and prospective thought is continuously developed


In 2021, Ifri is ranked 5th most influential think tanks in the world according to the University of Pennsylvania’s “Global Think Tank Report 2020” which has reviewed more than 8,000 think tanks from 190 countries. Ifri is also ranked 4th think tank in Western Europe.



  • A multinational team who works in the spirit of tolerance, freedom and openness
  • Intellectual rigor and a sense of responsibility in financing as well as analysis
  • Transparency in decision-making in the spirit of the general interest



Since its creation, Ifri has been organized around a team of salaried researchers and a pool of associated researchers who are embedded into international networks and very often on field missions. This structure, paired with a methodology based on the combination of regional and thematic approaches (energy, security, digital, political economy...) guarantee regularity and quality in Ifri’s work. It is on this basis that Ifri has always been able to maintain a relationship of independence but also close cooperation with public authorities, an ongoing interaction with the private sector and decision-making circles, and a strong presence in the media.

If Ifri is committed by nature and conviction to lasting into the future, it also knows how to adapt its work to the immediate international context. The war in Syria, Brexit, and the election of Donald Trump ushered in a new era marked by strong international instability and uncertainty about the future of globalisation. On the basis of these observations, Ifri researchers are analysing global governance and its regional and national consequences. They also take care to identify the elements of continuity and rupture that could represent opportunities for its partners.



Tomorrow as today, Ifri will find high-level access to public and private decision-makers, continue networking around the world, and combine its mutually sustaining research and debate activities.

A tool for spreading French strategic thinking abroad, Ifri will also continue to shed light on international issues, identify important trends and explore key issues for its partners and supporters. In this way, Ifri participates in the affirmation of France's position on the international scene and in the debate of international ideas.