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2021 Geopolitical Perspectives Les Jeudis de l'Ifri

A "Les jeudis de l'Ifri" videoconference around Thomas GOMART, director of Ifri.

On the occasion of the publication of his book Guerres invisibles (Tallandier, 2021), Thomas Gomart offers a geopolitical and geoeconomic overview in a context of acute health crisis: Sino-American relations, transformation of value chains, competition between regional powers and digitization of common spaces (sea, air, exo-atmospheric) ...


ChairMarc HECKER, director of research and communications at Ifri.


This debate is for corporate members only. It will be conducted in French.


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For further information on this debate, please contact Sandrine Bañales, corporate and embassies memberships coordinator:  banales@ifri.org, 01 40 61 60 21.



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