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Understanding African Migrations Politique étrangère, No.1, Spring 2016

Movements of African people, being within their countries, on the continent or heading Europe, have numerous and ancient causes. The term “migration” covers a plurality of situations with many internal as well as international implications. Therefore, reasons to migrate deserve a careful analysis. One cannot tackle such a phenomenon through mere border control policies or their externalization, as the European Union seems inclined to do.

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Alain Antil is researcher and Head of the Sub-Saharan Africa Program.

Christophe Bertossi is senior research fellow (PhD Habil.) and Director of the Center for Migration and Citizenship.

Victor Magnani is project Officer at the Sub-Saharan Africa Program.

Matthieu Tardis is research Fellow, Center for Migration and Citizenship.


Published in Politique étrangère, vol. 81, No.1, Spring 2016.

Understanding African Migrations
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