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Türkiye’s Stifled Ambitions Politique étrangère, Vol. 88, No. 2, Summer 2023

As its elections have unfolded this spring, Türkiye has again shown itself to be symptomatic of the times. Across the world, numerous political regimes oscillate between democratic forms of government and an authoritarian concentration of power; impressive periods of growth give way to inflation and recession; and international deregulation gives rise to widespread diplomacy in an effort to juggle a myriad of shifting political loyalties. Faced with the war in Ukraine, Ankara is playing a strong hand by enlarging its areas of presence and intervention. Türkiye is more important to its partners than ever, independent of its eventual domestic trajectory.

Western discourse predicted the advent of Chinese dominance in the very short term, but events have taken a rather different turn. The drivers that enabled the unprecedented growth of recent decades seem to have run out of steam. Moreover, the outcome of Beijing’s economic strategies is still uncertain, in a context shaped primarily by U.S. policies. China’s influence in the future will be considerable, but the direction its rebound will take remains unclear.

For Europeans, the events in Ukraine and the thorny issue of the Sino-American rivalry cannot paper over the other security problems we face: On what common vision of our history and future will we build the Europe of tomorrow? Has drug trafficking already changed the nature of our societies? Can we afford to turn away from instances of destabilization in Africa, from the Horn to the Sahel?

This issue is available in French only.



The Russo-Ukrainian Conflict: An Opportunity for Türkiye, by Dorothée Schmid (in French only - Le conflit russo-ukrainien : une opportunité pour la Turquie)

Türkiye’s Pursuit of Strategic Autonomy, by Sinan Ülgen

Türkiye: Ending or Embracing Erdoğanism?, by Ahmet İnsel

The Turkish Economy: Challenges and Weaknesses, by Jens Bastian



The Chinese Economy: A Thwarted Giant, by François Chimits

China: An Economy in Need of Reinvention, by Thomas Carré



India’s Power Games, between Ukraine and the G20, by Jean-Luc Racine (in French only - L'Inde dans le jeu des puissances, entre Ukraine et G20)

Russo-Chinese Relations Tested by the War in Ukraine, by Pierre Andrieu

West Africa: Structural Fragilities, Jihadist Expansion, and Regional Conflicts, by Amandine Gnanguênon and Antonin Tisseron

Tigray, Ethiopia: After the War?, by Mehdi Labzaé


Strategies of Memory and the Geopolitics of Conquest, by Georges Mink

Organized Crime in the European Union: A Strategic Threat?, by Michel Gandilhon

The Geopolitics of Small Powers, by Antony Dabila, Thibault Fouillet, and Cédric Tellenne

Under the direction of Marc Hecker

The Indo-Pacific Theatre: Strategic Visions and Frameworks, ed. Srabani Roy Choudury
Géopolitique de l’Indo-Pacifique, Isabelle Saint-Mézard
By Marianne Péron-Doise


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