Associate Research Fellow in 2016


Areas of expertise:

  • Arctic
  • Nordic countries

Dr. Damien Degeorges coordinated the Norden Initiative, Ifri's Franco-Nordic platform of exchanges established in 2014. He is the director of a communication and strategy consultancy based in Reykjavík, Iceland.

He holds a doctoral degree in political science and graduated in political communication as well as in Nordic studies. His research focuses mainly on the challenges of the Arctic, with a focus on Greenland and Iceland, meeting places of American, European and Asian interests in the region, as well as on the place of the Nordic countries in international relations. He also follows the relations between the Nordic countries and the European Union as well as the areas where the Nordic countries raise a particular interest in France.

He regularly intervenes during conferences as well as in French and international media. He speaks fluently French, English and Danish.


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